final exhibition

the Em[BODY]ment exhibition took place at AUCB Gallery space top floor. it opened on the 6th and run up till 13th May. the official opening Gala was held on the 12th May. there were invited many industry professionals, teachers and relatives who came to see the opening ceremony and it turned out a fantastic great night. there was a chance to see artists themselves and talk to them, ask questions or simply admire their talents. we were also entertained by a burlesque dance act, vocal performance and presentation/live set up from make up artist where she was turning man into a lizard.

the exhibition received very positive feedback from almost anyone i was talking to. apart from one fine art teacher who thought that space felt very crammed up with artworks, but he said that quality and concepts were great. other photography teacher said that this time students have surpassed anything that has been shown before and so far this looks like a best show in the gallery dated. i received good comments on my buddha installation, too. mainly about amount of work put into it, the technique and the idea. i am very glad the exhibition went on very well and my piece was part of it. here are some fotos i managed to take on the gala evening:

some other works which explores the theme of a body shown at this same exhibition::


for more information on other works and artist statements go to EmBODYment official website here


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