working with resin//

resin is a very sticky and smelly substance when mixed with a catalist turns into a solid. there are many precautions to be followed when working in the resin room:
1) always wear a respirator mask, the fumes are very dangerous for lungs and will give nasty headaches
2) wear protective gloves and clothing
3) be very careful when mixing resin with catalist, a strict proportions should be followed. catalist is added to make resin go hard and during the setting process it will become hot. as more catalist will be added as faster it will set consequently rising in temperature, too. if there is too much catalist added it might lead to an explosion or fire due to high temperatures. i was always accompanied by a teacher who made a resin mix for me. i was too affraid and too incompetent to try it myself.

firstly i will explain a process how to work with resin.
1)i have to cover my paper mache with a cling film. then i have to spray or paint it over with a liquid wax. when resin starts to set it becomes very sticky and it will stick to anything. if there isn’t a protective layer underneath there will be no chance to separate newspaper from hardened shape. when resin is hardened it wont be stuck to the cling film because of the wax in between.

2) when my object is covered in cling film and sprayed with liquid i have to wait 10 – 15 mins for it to dry. then i can stretch over my crocheted material and start preparing resin
3) i have to weight amount of resin and then calculate the percentage of catalist. the proportion is usually 2%. if room temperature is low it will take longer for resin to set but if room is warm it will speed up the process. when resin is mixed i have around 15mins to use it up otherwise it will become harder to apply.

i started with head. here is completed head piece:

same process with rest of the body::

after few hours::

when body was finished i finally mounted head and covered neck part with fresh resin to connect both parts together.

my buddha was completed. next step was to paint it with uv paint and start working on a bath.


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