making of buddha

my plan was set:

1) make a full body of buddha in paper mache, head separately
2) crochet a head and a body – two separate pieces
3) stretch crochet over paper mache and cover with resin
4) dry and take out paper to leave the hardened shape hollow

working with magazines and shaping them into something resembling a figure of “god”

(it might look like a character from film “saw” and turning it into buddha is a real challenge, believe me!)

my main issue was in disbelief that newspapers will hold together. i never done anything similar before and i basically just went mental with newspapers. i was making big loose paper balls and connected them with some tape. i knew that i have to keep it as loose as possible in order to get it out from hardened shape easily, especially with head. it wasn’t perfect shape at all but i thought it will do.

next stage – crocheting and fitting
i started with head first because that was the most difficult part. i didn’t have any  sketch or anything, i was crocheting in freestyle and shaping the head on the go. i had to try it on all the time in order to get the perfect shape and here is the reflection of this process:

head was done. i had to get rid of the neck and crochet it separately because i couldn’t get it off the head. next stage was to crochet rest of the body. i decided to crochet a big loose bag with a hole opening for head attachment. i wanted it to fall over the body as if a real cardigan and that meant lot of crocheting. if head took me few hours then body took few days to complete. here is the finished body in crochet::

my next stage was going into workshop and start working with resin.))


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