a bathtub and mirrors

my journey to get to the bath began in the classroom. i asked everyone if they know of possibilities to obtain a bathtub. Luke was very helpful and he advised me to look at the freecycle website. actually, it took him 10mins to find a bathtub and he gave me the telephone number of the lady who was desperate to get rid of her bath quick and painless. it was for free but i had to arrange a collection. a teacher from film store helped me out to pick it up and dropped at my house with a van. luckily it was a light iron bath and i was able to transport it into my room which became its temporary dwelling place, just next to my bed.

i started with cleaning and disinfecting the bath.

when bath was clean enough to sleep in i started my search for mirror pieces. i found a website on the internet which is selling a wide range of tiles including mirror ones. it is called a Mosaic Heaven. i ordered a bag of 100 pieces of cut mirror tiles for a test run :

i was happy with size and thickness and decided to order my first bag of 1000 pieces and start glueing in to the bath. i wanted to see at first how much it will cover and then work out the amount i will need to complete the whole bath.

one bag of 1000 pieces costs £27.66. together with VAT and postage the total came to £38.78. i thought it was bit pricey and cheaper way would be to buy a mirror myself and cut it but i wasn’t sure if that would be done as good as ones i ordered. i decided to keep on ordering and buying them as soon as i have money. when i completed the bag of 1000 pieces it didn’t cover big area so i ordered another 2000. i finished sticking them in mid april and i was awaiting for more money to come in and buy more. i estimated that i will need maybe 5000 more pieces which i managed to order at the end of april. unfortunately due financial difficulties and insufficient planning i am not meeting the deadline of my installation. at the moment i am half way done on bath while buddha is finished and completed. it is a shame because i failed in managing my finances as well as time but i think when pieces arrive i will be able to finish my work and ready to present it in full form. i am hoping to complete the bath till monday 9th may. here is the current state of my bathtub.(

and here is a 160w black light mercury bulb to brighten up my glowing buddha. it just needs a special fitting which is due to arrive soon.

i will post more photos from actual exhibition during next week.


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